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Mongolia can move on intercity buses, trains and airplanes. A popular four-wheel drive jeep rental with driver. It offers travelers also the more exotic forms of transport – from bicycles and motorcycles to horses. Public transport runs mainly between Ulan Bator and the major cities of the country; if you need to come from one locality to another, almost inevitably need a transplant in the capital. Most of the buses – the old Soviet model. Modern minivans service Ulaanbaatar, Darkhan and Erdenet. Buses depart from the bus station, there need to buy tickets (need a passport), which contains the baggage allowance. For the surplus will be asked to pay. There is a timetable and Mongolian drivers are trying to follow it.

By train from Ulan Bator to Darkhan, Dry Ulaanbaatar and Erdenet. Mongolian Railways did not develop without the participation of the Council, so that the separation of carriages in the classes known: coupe, reserved seats and chairs. Comfort – the most that neither is on the base, besides MOR often sell “extra” tickets sold out directions. Better to buy tickets in advance, especially during the period from June to August. When purchasing be asked to present a passport.

Mongolia is also possible to travel by plane: the airport in the country, 44 of which, however, only 12 are designed runways. Airline tickets are relatively inexpensive, however, the difference in price to the local population and foreigners still significant. National air carrier – “Mongolian Airlines» (MIAT), «AeroMongoliya” (the most popular) and Ez Nis.

For avid riders Mongolia – a real paradise: on the perfectly flat steppes and asks to ride at high speed. The hospitality of the Mongols motorcycle sniveliruet hardships of nomadic life: wherever you left off, you are guaranteed to provide room and board.

Horse tours – another highlight of the Mongolian tourism. Local residents, they say, are born in the saddle, and able to pass riding long distances without tiring. Those who wish to follow their example should be remembered that the traditional wooden saddle, and better to clarify this detail before traveling. For foreign tourists to the request can be given the familiar leather saddles.