The climate of Mongolia

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Mongolia’s climate is sharply continental with freezing winters and hot dry summers. In Ulan Bator, the average January temperature of -25 …- 30 ° C, and in July – almost the same but with a different sign: +27 … + 32 ° C. Most of the precipitation is shed in the north and northwest of the country, the southern regions, and in particular, the Gobi desert may not see rain for several years.

Mongolia is often called “Land of Blue Sky”, and this is not just a beautiful epithet: sunny days a year is more than 260.
In general, the best time to visit the country – from mid-May to October, with the peak season in July and August. In September and October is good to travel the Gobi – heat of the day subsides and the nights are not too cold.

Early spring and late autumn in Mongolia can feel all four seasons during the day: the weather is changing rapidly, and change of T-shirt in a jacket and falls back on several times a day.