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Cashmere, wool precious mountain goat – the main wealth of Mongolia. In the spring, during molting, animals, carefully combed and carefully selected the finest undercoat hair (especially valuable are the hairs from the neck), which later produced yarn and woven hats, scarves, socks and other knitted articles. Cashmere things extremely soft, warm and almost weightless. Buy the best cashmere in specialized stores, the most famous brand – Goyo, Gobi Cashmere and Buyan. In rural areas, you can also buy products made of cashmere – design, may be limp, but the heat tracing properties remain unchanged.

Mongolia is also known copper mines located in Erdenet and Oyu Tolgoi. As a result – a lot of copper trinkets (such as bookmarks for books), jewelery and interior items, which are sold in souvenir shops all over the place.

It is worth paying attention to the Mongolian carpets – working in Erdenet carpet factory, the quality of products recognized by the international certificate ISO 9001. It also made funny slippers with a “carpet” on horseback.

Another of the country can bring items of national dress: traditional hats and winter fur hats with ornaments, coats, riding boots, leather slippers, decorated with national embroidery. Small gifts: figurines Mongolians in traditional clothes, figurines of horses, goats, yaks, images of Genghis Khan, tursuki – jars, trimmed with felt, with a wooden stopper boxes.