Safety of tourists

on in Mongolian tour

Mongolia – generally a safe country for tourists. In Ulan Bator should beware of pickpockets, especially in the area of ​​the central station and markets, as well as bus stops and proper public transport. Traveling on horseback throughout the country, we need to be vigilant and to organize the night shift: during sleep often steal personal belongings and even horses. Another risk – the pack of wild dogs, including occasionally there are cases of rabies.

Better to drink bottled water; However, in the foothills of the Altai are many natural sources of water with surprisingly tasty. Do not forget the sunscreen – in Mongolia, a high level of solar activity.
Hospitality and respect for the host – the basis of the Mongolian ethics, which implies many nuances of behavior. Not knowing all the details of the foreigner is forgivable, but the basic rules to remember and better observed. It is not necessary to give up food, you need to take at least a small piece or a sip of the drink offered (in this case a cup to keep the lower part). Take your right hand should be, the same applies to eating together from a common dish. The yurt can not lean on the central pillar of the carrier, standing on the doorstep and whistle. In addition, it is better not to touch the head of another person, especially a child, and turn our backs on seniors. The fire is sacred for Mongols: it is impossible to tread down, fill with water and throw it trash.