Gandan Monastery

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At the heart of the capital of Mongolia – Ulan Bator – is a Buddhist monastery Gandan, which is a complex of buildings of various ages. It includes several temples, suburgans, pagodas, prayer, library and a Buddhist university. Full name of the monastery or Gandantegchinlen Monastery Gandan Tegchinlin Khiid that from Mongolian means “Great Vehicle comprehensive joy.”

Surrounded by residential areas with their low houses and yurts Gandan produces charming impression its walls decorated with beautiful carvings and patterns, and the roof, lined with tiles of different colors. Login ferocious guard sculptures of gods, and in the yard there is a statue of the Buddha himself.

The history of Gandan Monastery begins in 1809, when the monastery of the Bogd Gegen of Special School for the Study of Higher Buddhist dogma. School was given the name of Gandan, in honor of Gaden, a Tibetan Buddhist monastery. The first building Gandan of wood, topped with a golden roof was delivered in 1835 on the orders of the First Hierarch of Mongolian Buddhists, Bogd Gegen V. A few years later the monastery got the first stone of the building.

Gradually territory Gandan grew so much that by the end of the 19th century there were about 14 thousand. Monks lamas. In the late 30’s. 20th century Mongolian monasteries were closed everywhere, is not an exception and Gandan, which was reopened in 1944 and became the only officially acting Buddhist monastery in the socialist Mongolia.

In 1990, over a series of capital restoration work, during which Gandantegchinlen Monastery has undergone great changes. In addition to the three-storey-Megdzhid Dzhanrayseg, built in the early 20th century, opened two existing temple – Tsogchin and Tzu.

The magnificent white temple Megdzhid-Dzhanrayseg – this is the last building in Buddhist Mongolia and magnificent architectural ornament of the city. Towering 42 meters high, the temple is the tallest building in the history of folk architecture. For believers Megdzhid-Dzhanrayseg – temple veneration Yanraysiga (Megjid Janraisig), Tibetan Chenresiga, god of compassion – a symbol of independence for Mongolia. Inside it placed the highest golden Buddha statue.