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Attractions Mongolia – the monuments of the great empire of Genghis Khan and his descendants, Buddhist shrines and extraordinarily beautiful and diverse nature. In addition, there is interesting original way of life, almost unchanged for millennia.

Attractions Ulan Bator: the modern city center and the Peace Bell, the mausoleum and the monument of the national hero Sukhbaatar, Parliament House and the Palace of Culture, which houses the Art Gallery, the Winter Palace of the Emperor bogdyhana, Khan’s bid. In the vicinity of the capital city are the famous monasteries – the largest temple Gandan with a significant Zhanray Sing, a wooden monastery and museum of Buddhist art “Choidzin Lam”, the picturesque monastery Manzushir standing on a cliff over the wide valley. The Natural History Museum Ulaanbaatar posted one of the largest collections of dinosaur fossils.

The most famous archaeological park of Mongolia – “Karakorum”, the former capital of the empire in the 13-16 centuries. Here you can see the Palace of Khan Ugadei ruins quarter of artisans, temples and city walls. Nearby is the country’s first Buddhist monastery – Erdene Zu. The oldest monuments of human history – petroglyphs in the area Chultyn Gol and river canyon Chulut, runic stele 6-8 centuries., Abundant in the steppes.

Natural attractions of Mongolia: Hovsgol lake, the deepest in Central Asia, a popular spot for fishing and ecotourism, and the valley of the Selenga River, which flows into Lake Baikal, the sacred mountain Bogda Shan, the birthplace of Genghis Khan, the neighborhood of which have the status of protected area. The Gobi Desert – is not only stretching to the horizon sandy landscapes, but also the largest cemetery of the remains of prehistoric animals period, 120-70 million years ago.

Active holiday in Mongolia – rafting, accommodation in yurts on the high pastures and camping, sport fishing, horseback riding and motocross.