Cuisine and restaurants

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Meat and dairy products – the basis of the Mongolian cuisine. Mongolians prefer mutton and goat meat, beef and horse meat found in the menu rarely, and sometimes come across such exotic ingredients as meat marmot. Options Cooking – car and small truck: boiled, baked, fried, cured, dried, and so on. D. Popular dishes: poorly cooked meat “khorkhog” and its antipode – before the separation of the fiber-cooked “bolhoyryuk” roasted lamb with hot stones “boodog” (on the fire-hot stones are placed inside the carcass and baked through it from the inside), prepared in the same way the kid “Bahan” onion pancakes with meat filling “khuushuur” steam dumplings “Booze” jerky “fighters” and many other antivegetarianskih dishes.

Most dishes are noticeably greasy, so, going to eat Mongolian dishes, it is best to have on hand do away with unpleasant consequences drugs.
However, fans of a healthy diet and not go hungry in Mongolia – for them there is no less variety of dairy and dairy food: all kinds of unsweetened yogurt, mare’s milk and sour milk “ayran”, ryazhenka “Taragay” cottage cheese – the usual and dried ‘Arul’ soft cheeses. Mongolian cakes made from unleavened dough and cooked on a frying pan with plenty of oil; popular pies with meat or horsemeat “Khashuri” pancakes “bortsog” milk muffin “halmag.” Even Mongolians drink tea with milk – is not brewed and brewed in a pot for a long time.

Alcoholic beverages consumed vodka from mare’s milk, “arch” and its more robust version of “Shimin-arch” home-brew “ayrag.” Everywhere are sold and foreign drinks as well as “state” of vodka, of which the best – “Genghis Khan”, “Soyombo” and “Golden Genghis.” Mongolian beer very bad, popular varieties – the same “Genghis”, “Borg” and “Seŋir.”

A snack during the day or you can dine in the densely numerous restaurants in the cities. The province also has a catering establishments located along the popular tourist destinations. When traveling alone, it is better to have a reserve of food, and lunch is not reprehensible to go “to the light” in the tent of nomads. Food cost is very cheap: for a bowl of noodles with mutton asked 2000-4000 MNT, a portion of “Buz” will cost 1200-2000 MNT, Price ayraga bowls – 1000 MNT.